Custom Cricket Shirts

Sublimated Cricket Shirt

Team Spirit custom cricket shirts are made with comfortability and durability in mind. All uniforms are fully customisable; you can request traditional white or the modern T20/one-day sublimated coloured option. The sublimated option allows for unlimited, full colour logos at no extra charge, which enables your club to raise more funds by offering more positions for sponsorship.


The Sublimation Process

The sublimation process involves applying the ink via transfer paper onto the fabric under extreme heat and pressure. When the fabric cools, the design (including crests, names and numbers) and colours are locked into the fabric. This process enables unlimited scope for design and colour. The fabric is 100% polyester so the design will never fade.

MeshTek 160gsm – this is a newly developed fabric that’s lightweight, yet tough and becoming very popular.

MeshTek 200gsm – this is a slightly denser fabric ideal for clubs looking for a durable, long lasting jersey. This fabric also suits teams from a cooler climate.
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