Soccer Jersey ( X 10 )

$370.00 Inc GST

Size Number Name
Man Chest Hair United
2XL 69 Cheeky
L Ant Man
XL 27 Johnno
XL 7 Saka
L 12 Water Boy
2XL The Hulk
L 22 Mr. Baldwin
L 99 Dickraj
L 0 The Dragon Warrior
L 15 Pooment


Soccer Soccer Jersey SC_002

Round Collar
Dark Red ( #db2032)
Black ( #222222)
Orange ( #FF8F1C)
Hot Pink ( #DA1884)
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Team Detail
Team: Man Chest Hair United

Name Number Size Sku
Cheeky 69 2XL
Ant Man L
Johnno 27 XL
Saka 7 XL
Water Boy 12 L
The Hulk 2XL
Mr. Baldwin 22 L
Dickraj 99 L
The Dragon Warrior 0 L
Pooment 15 L


Size Sku Quantity
L 6
XL 2
2XL 2

Soccer Jersey ( X 10 )
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