Indigenous Singlet ( X 12 )

$396.00 Inc GST

Size Number Name
Jennys Angels
18W Britt
14W Short
18W Thurston
10W Weatherall
8W Weribone
10W Weribone
12W Paigey
8W Weribone
12W Bear
16W Coops
18W Aunty Jen
14W Boom


Indigenous Indigenous Singlet IS_10

Collar Hot Pink ( #DA1884)
Area Colour 1 Black ( #222222)
Area Colour 2 Hot Pink ( #DA1884)
Area Colour 3 Pink ( #EC86D0)
Key Text Font Colour Weight Style Stroke Stroke Width Stroke 2 Stroke 2 Width
name-text Name Impact #ffffff #ffcccc 2 0
name-text Jennys Angels Impact #ffffff #ffcccc 2 0
Key Image Download
Team Detail
Team: Jennys Angels

Name Number Size Sku
Britt 18W
Short 14W
Thurston 18W
Weatherall 10W
Weribone 8W
Weribone 10W
Paigey 12W
Weribone 8W
Bear 12W
Coops 16W
Aunty Jen 18W
Boom 14W


Size Sku Quantity
8W 2
10W 2
12W 2
14W 2
16W 1
18W 3

Team Spirit Logo Colour Hot Pink ( #DA1884)
Indigenous Singlet ( X 12 )
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